You might be wondering why you’re here, probably because you mistakenly clicked on something.. or you got curious.. or you were meant to find your way here!

I do write poetries, short stories and anything I could think of.. (imaginative and realistically!) Although I have no backgrounds in writing professionally (like in publications/magazines), I enjoy the process of simply writing – even when my penmanship is not artsy..

You might find yourself disagreeing on some posts and it’s okay, since we all have different perspectives in life; But I would be more grateful if you could share this thru the comments after each post – no I won’t block you (as long as it’s creative criticism!) There’s already a lot of negativity in this world so let’s all try to be more kinder and spread positivity instead. 

Someone once told me, that “learning is an everyday process”; and everyday we are all given that chance. Some may find it the hard way, some may find it easy – so it helps to be kind, even when the situation does not seem to need it.

Join me in this journey! Let’s enjoy each read and know that distance is never an obstacle in reaching out to others.

Hoover you mouse on the menu, over “Literary Works” and over poems and short stories; choose by clicking on the different titles. Also, I have been given the permission to post “Literary Contributions” of friends, these are pieces of then which they willingly shared with me (permission and proper credits are given).

Memories of my life when I was younger are summarized under “Recollections“, which includes people close to my heart.. or I just simply felt the urge to write something about them. But I’m kind of hesitant in sharing current events in my life, since this blog was created with the prime purpose of sharing my poetries and short stories. Although – I am still thinking about it.

Send me a message! (..that is, if you like..)